Holiday Bazaar

Sandy Highschool
​37400 Bell St
Sandy, OR 97055

Saturday, Nov 25th

(10am - 4pm)

Sunday, Nov 26th

​(10am - 4pm)

The History

Our Story

 in the cosmetics section.  After working there for about 2 years, I was offered a  job in Seattle as a traveling sales rep.  It was an awesome job with travel, company car and an expense account.  I did this for 4 years.  In the mean time, I got married. Then I got a new boss that made my life miserable (no... not my husband....).  My husband decided to go into the Army and I quit my job and then I really began to travel!  I spent the next 26 years in ALA, WA, CA, KS, Germany, PA, Germany, PA and Germany. I have two children and two grandchildren.  The unfortunate part of moving all the time is that my son met his wife in PA and that is where they live with my grandkids!  We try to see them every year but it's hard having them so far away.  Fortunately, my daughter and her husband live only 2.7 miles away... I love it!  In 2001, my life changed.  My husband left me and I moved back to Oregon.  After picking  up the pieces, I got a job as an instructional assistant in a middle school. ( God has a real sense of humor.  Come and visit me at one of my events and I'll tell you about it).  In 2008, my life changed again.  This time for a good thing.  In June, I got married to a wonderful man that I'd known for 40 years!  I used to date his brother when I was in my 20's...( You'll have to hear that story when you come and see me too!!)  Then a few months later.....

My husband and I made the decision to start working with candles as a means of generating a second income for our family. We were shocked when not long after we started seriously looking into this that Cornerstone Candles became available when,  after over 14 years of being in business, the owner Diane decided to retire and pass her business onto someone else who would carry on

(Founders History)

A little bit about me....
Hello, my name is Diane Hillison.  I was born in Oregon City, Oregon and was raised in Molalla, Oregon.  I graduated from Molalla High School and was very interested in sewing.  I decided to go to a dress design school in San Francisco in lieu of college.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  One thing I learned was that I could look at a design and make it, but I couldn't think up original designs (not so good).  So, after graduating, I moved back to Portland and started working at Meyer and Frank (Department Store) 

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A little bit about Cornerstone Candles....

A friend asked me if I would help her sell soy candles at a fundraiser for Doernbecher Hospital.  I agreed even though I didn't have a clue as to what soy candles were.  She told me all about them and I fell in love with them.  The second day, I asked her if she needed an assistant.  She said, "No.  Why don't you start your own company?"  I thought she was crazy even suggesting it!  I mean... I was OLD!  I'd never gone to college,  didn't have any idea how to form a company.  It  was nuts!  But I couldn't quit thinking about it.  I talked it over with my husband and he said I should "go for it" if that's what I wanted to do.  Then I started praying about it.  I felt like the Lord was prompting me to do it.  Then I started arguing with God!  Finally, one morning while I was reading my devotions, I said to the  Lord, "OK.  IF I do this , what would I call the company?"  I was reading about how Jesus is the Cornerstone.  All at once, it became a possibility.  After all, Jesus is the LIGHT of the world and I would be offering up a FRAGRANT SCENT to Him.  So, Cornerstone Candles was born.  But it's not really my company.  It's the Lords.  I only run it for Him.  With each candle I make, I offer up a prayer for everyone that smells the candles or buys one or receives one.  I am having a wonderful time talking to all of you, my customers.  Please keep coming by to say Hi.

Oregon City
​Harvest Vestival

Liberty Plaza & Main Street
Oregon City, OR 97045

Saturday, Oct 21st

(12pm - 6pm)

the traditions she had set for and would continue to show God's love and encouragement to everyone she interacted with. We know that while becoming involved with an existing brand has many advantages, running a business of any kind is a challenge. We are hoping that those who have loved Cornerstone Candles in the past will continue this journey with us as we navigate our uncharted waters. We also look forward to meeting new people and sharing these one of a kind candles with those locally and soon across the US.

Clackamas County

Winter Fair

Clackamas County

​Fair Grounds
694 NE 4th Ave,

Canby, OR 97013

Every Friday & Saturday

​In December

through the 23rd

​(5pm - 9pm)

Holiday Bazaar

Oregon City Highschool
​19761 S Beavercreek Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045

Saturday, Nov 11th

(9am - 4pm)

Sunday, Nov 12th

​(10am - 3pm)

​​​2023 Event Locations

Liberty Cheer Winter Bazaar

Liberty Highschool
​7445 NE Wagon Dr.
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Saturday, Nov 18th

(10am - 2pm)​