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We are working with our distributors as some of the scents have been discontinued to find substitutes. we are also looking to increase the number of scents we have. More great things coming soon!


Agave Lime

Shimmering citrus blend of lime, lemon and orange creates an effervescent top note of this exotic scent.  Tropical floral notes of  exotic agave lime green balance at the heart of the fragrance.  Clea musk and rich sandalwood form a soft background for this highly textured scent.

Aloe Vera

 A soothing blend of Aloe, Cucumber, herbal tea leaves with a splash of citrus.  

Apple Mango Tango

The citrusy freshness of Apple, Mango and Tango scents.

Apple Spice

Granny Smith Apple with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

Aspen Winter

Crisp citrus blends with and abundance of warm winter spices of clove and cinnamon with sweet vanilla.  Top notes include orange, lemon and cherry.  Middles notes include clove, cinnamon and spice. Base notes of vanilla and musk.

Autumn Magic

Notes of lemon and apple, followed by middle notes of anise, cinnamon and ginger.  Sits on well-rounded base notes of woods, musk, and vanilla.

Balsam and Cedar

A woody blend of pine, eucalyptus, cedar wood; finished with sweet balsam.

Bamboo Jasmine

Bamboo with a hint  of jasmine.

Bite Me

Fresh citrus notes of lime and orange that lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent.

Black Cherry

Sweet berry, grape, sharp and creamy. An all-time favorite. 

Black Linen and Amber

Top notes of fresh cotton and crisp ozonic notes followed by middle notes of white blossoms, well rounded with base notes of cashmere, amber, musk and patchouli.

Black Magic

A magical blend of earthy sandalwood and ylang ylang with quick top notes of patchouli.  Base notes of baby powder and vanilla.
Breezy Meadow

A beautiful combination of florals with a hint of  fresh mowed grass. Very clean smelling.

Butt Naked

 A tantalizing base of Granny Smith apples and honeydew melon, middle notes of strawberries and pears with a touch of spice.

Candy Cane

 A classic candy cane.  A hint of citrus top notes and a lingering  camphor at the heart of the fragrance. Base notes of cornmint, peppermint, powder and vanilla.

Caramel Custard

The mouth-watering combination of caramel, maple leaf, french vanilla, rum, caramel creme, brown sugar, heavy cream, caramelized sugar and vanilla extract.

Caribbean Salsa

A blend of tropical fruit, mango and papaya, fresh greens and a light sweetened musk.


A wonderful Donna Karan perfume/cologne type with floral notes of lily and jasmine arrive on a musk and tonka bean base with soft powdery notes that don't over power.

Chamomile & Sage

The wonderful aroma of freshly picked chamomile flowers with hints of fresh green herbs and sage.

Cherry Blossoms

Christmas Cabin

A wonderful blend of bayberries and cranberry with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zest.


Predominant cinnamon and yeast bread notes are enhanced with vanilla,  clove and other warm comforting herbs.

Citrus & Balsam

An exquisite blend of fruits and pine.  Top notes of wild berries and mandarin, mid-notes of ripe apple, cinnamon, clove and pineapple and accented with base notes of light musk and evergreen.

Clean Cotton

This is so fresh! Like line dried linen in a warm summer breeze.


Clove with creamy sweet vanilla and spicy cinnamon.

Coconut Bay

Coconut combined with hints of peach and mango. A touch of vanilla.

Dragon's Blood

Intriguing woody yet sweet earthy scent with notes of sandalwood, amber, patchouli, rose, jasmine and citrus.  Vanilla light  tones of  powdery musks and hints of subtle spice.  Really amazing!

Egyptian Musk

This is a great fragrance! Not too musky. The top is floral lily bouquet. The heart is a rich wild violet. The base is exotic  sandalwood and Egyptian musk

Elf Sweat

A bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup,  with spicy soda pop bubbles to provide a unique, magical top note.
Eucalyptus Lavender

 A very soothing combination of two fragrant scents.

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with hints of lime.

Fresh Cut Grass

A wonderful fresh aroma of freshly cut green grass.


A floral blend of gardenia and jasmine with a strong orange flavor bottom note.

Gin and Tonic

A nice light refreshing beverage scent.  Fresh, clean, bubbly and up-lifting with a very slight peppery note.


Fresh baked bread with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and buttery notes.


A fresh, crisp, ginger cookie aroma with just the right amount of bakery base notes.

Grandma's Swingin' Egg Nog

This creamy eggnog has strong notes of buttercream vanilla with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.


A blend of berries with woody and fruit notes.  A true grape from the vine fragrance.

Grapefruit Mint

Grapefruit zest, orange, peach, bergamot, spear-mint, peppermint.  Middle notes of jasmine and eucalyptus.  Bottom note of musk.

Guardian Angel

The innocent and loving blend of soft rose petals, baby's breath and white flowers with perfect accents of clove, nutmeg, patchouli, sandalwood and
madagascar vanilla.

Hansel and Gretel's House

This fragrance begins with top notes of orange, lemon and bergamot.  Middle notes of ginger, nutmeg, honey and clover and well-balanced with base notes of vanilla bean and cocoa.

Hibiscus and White Amber

A light exotic tropical blend of Hibiscus, Jasmine and mango with amber and sandalwood. 

Holiday Jasmine

A blend of Jasmine, orange and petitgrain with green rose and clove leaf.


Hints of jasmine ,rose and lilac.

Hot Apple Strudel

Blend of cameo apple, cinnamon, cloves and all-spice with warm sweet baked notes.

Jack Frost

 A crisp clean peppermint aroma with hints of vanilla bean.

Johnny Apple Seed

A sweet, juicy McIntosh apple with a slight tart tang.

Just Pear-Fect

A fresh, fruity, green apple fragrance blended with sliced pears and sweet berries with a light musk undertone​


A very true, real lavender with notes of thyme, musk, clary sage, bergamot and mint.

Lavender Sage

A fresh, cool blend of minty lavender leaves, bergamot, rosewood water and nutty sage.

Leather Shop

The aroma of a brand new leather jacket.

Lemon Grass

Fresh cut lemon grass blended with java citronella. A sweet and refreshing aroma.

Lemon Peel

Pucker up!  Very tart and fragrant.

Lick Me All Over

A wonderful exotic fragrance with base notes of raspberries, cantaloupe and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and top notes of grapefruit and kumquat.

Lilac Blossoms

A light spring floral fragrance. Smells like a freshly picked bouquet of lilac blossoms with notes of ylang, heliotrope, jasmine and rose.


The aroma of the blooming petals of a magnolia tree.


A year round favorite and a must for the holiday season. Pine needle, fir, balsam and cedar leaf combined in this clean smelling fragrance. Citrus and clove top notes.

Misty Mountain

This intriguing scent opens with fresh watery tones, leafy greens and warm cedar.

Monkey Farts

A blend of tangerine, strawberries, grapefruit, raspberry, green apple, plum, sandalwood, white violet, vanilla and yummy bubblegum. 

Moonlit Path

Lavender, rose, violets and musk .... the heady scents of a garden at midnight.

Mulberry Sorbet

A classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon stick, wild berries and bitter orange peels.

New Car Scent

The smell of a new sports car with the Italian leather seats!

No Scent

Ocean Mist

Complex bouquet of carnations, lily of the valley and hyacinth, underlined with oakmoss and white musk.

Orange Blossoms

Orange blossom petals enhanced with sweet, juicy mandarin oranges, muguet lily and greenery notes.

Orange Creamsicle

A rich blend of creamy orange and juicy citrus.

Orange Spice

Orange peels spiced with fresh cinnamon and Mexican vanilla.

Oregon Christmas Tree

Fir needle and rich fir balsam blended with cedar and a hint of orange and spice with green wood finish.

Oregon Rain

A musky accord enhanced with a fresh floral bouquet of carnations, tiger lilies, and roses, with hints of fresh greenery.


A synthetic version of patchouli, Canadian fir needle, Indian patchouli.  Accented with heavier notes of cedarwood and mysore sandalwood.

Peaches and Whipped Cream

A rich combination of fresh ripened peaches, buttercream, with base notes of creamy vanilla.

Peppermint Bark

A blend of peppermint, chocolate, white chocolate, crushed peppermint candies and rich vanilla.

Pina Colada

A great tropical blend and very refreshing!  A perfect blend of pineapple, coconut and a little dab of vanilla.

Plumeria Lei

A combination of plumeria, berries, clove leaf, jasmine, rose and musk.  

Pumpkin Pecan Spice

The aroma of sweet cream pumpkin, complimented with nuances of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger; rounded out with vanilla buttery notes.

Pumpkin Pie

Fresh baked pumpkin pie baked with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger.

Raspberry Creme

Top notes of fresh raspberries, pear and apple; followed by middle notes of Madagascar vanilla.

Red Apple Peel

Smells just like you're peeling a red apple!

Red Hot Cinnamon

A blend of spicy hot cinnamon, cherry and  cinnamon leaf.

Reindeer Poo

Have fun, laugh a little, and embrace a good sese of humor.  This will lift your spirits!  Begins with top notes of apples and pears followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine and geranium; well-balanced with base notes of vanilla, cedar wood and patchouli.


Victoria Secrets Love Spell.  Cherry blossom, muguet, tamarind, red apple, blonde wood, peach and merlot.  

Rose Garden

A true rose fragrance with notes of geranium, spicy clov and a hint of lily.


Woody mahogany, sandalwood with tones of muskand vetiver. More subtle than our Sandalwood and Amber.

Sandalwood & Amber

Sandalwood and amber with an exotic blend of spices.  Not heavy, but stronger than our regular sandalwood.

Sandalwood and Cedar

A woodland blend of sandalwood, evergreen, patchouli and cedar.

Santa's Whiskers

A fun blend of balsam, fir and pine with warm vanilla sugar cookies.

Snow Angel

A minty aroma with a buttercream top note.

Spiced Apple Cider

Fruity apple, cassia, and a touch of green melon mixed with cinnamon and clove spice sweetened with vanilla and a dash of herbal eucalyptus.

Spiced Cranberry

Refreshing blend of cranberry relish and orange zests with hints of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon

Strawberry Rhubarb

The yummy aroma of sweet fresh strawberries mixed with fresh cut tart rhubarb.

Sugar Cookie

A warm butter cookie scent with a background of vanilla.

Sweet Mountain Jasmine

A blend of jasmine, orange and petitgrain, with green rose and clove leaf.

Sweet Pea

An English garden reminiscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musky notes.

Tropical Fiesta

A fresh mixture of cucumber, melons, watermelon and tropical colada.

Vanilla Bean

 Madagascar vanilla with a hint of butter, chocolate and cream.

Vanilla Latte

A sweet creamy vanilla with a touch of butter and a dash of fruit combined with heady dark roasted coffee beans.

Who Baked?  

A delicious aromatic blend of cinnamon, toffee, caramel, crème brulee, maple sugar, vanilla and curled MacIntosh apple peel.

Winter Garden

The fresh clean smell of winter air while walking down a snow covered path. This fragrance begins with top notes of fresh lime and menthol; middle notes of Douglas Fir and lavender; with full body base notes of eucalyptus and pine.


Lemon Grass

Fresh cut lemon grass blended with java citronella. A sweet and refreshing aroma.

Apple Mango Tango

The citrusy freshness of Apple, Mango and Tango scents.


Monkey Farts

A blend of tangerine, strawberries, grapefruit, raspberry, green apple, plum, sandalwood, white violet, vanilla and yummy bubblegum. 

Customer Favorites


Victoria Secrets Love Spell.  Cherry blossom, muguet, tamarind, red apple, blonde wood, peach and merlot.   

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